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What is our job

DIAGORAS is a 4-year research and innovation project that brings together 9 European organisations, funded by the EU (and Switzerland for the Swiss partners) in order to develop a platform for the rapid diagnosis of infections at the Point-of-Care (POC).

LabDisk 1_manufacturing

Two typical designs of Test Discs – Hahn-Schickard, Bernd Müller Fotografie, all right reserved

The platform consists of the Test Disc and the associated DIAGORAS device, which processes the Test Disc (similar to a DVD Player), and generates a test result. The objective of  DIAGORAS is to detect respiratory tract infections along with antibiotic resistances and periodontitis and caries within 1 hour, thereby reducing: (1) time-to-diagnosis; (2) patient morbidity and mortality; (3) the financial burden on healthcare systems; and (4) incorrect antibiotic use.

A fully automated analysis is achieved by integrating all biochemical components (e.g., buffers, reagents, primers, antibodies) and assay steps on the Test Disc itself. Normally, a complete laboratory would be necessary to perform this analysis, and many hours to several days would be required to achieve the same result (from sample extraction, purification, and amplification to the detection of amplified DNA/RNA or protein biomarker detection).

Your contribution is a valued part of our success!


A design study for DIAGORAS device – ASKION GmbH, all right reserved

The first phase of the project involves developers and innovators within the consortium appreciating and understanding the needs of potential DIAGORAS users such as yourself. By providing your feedback, you will contribute greatly to the functionality and usability of the end product, providing valuable information that will help ensure that the DIAGORAS device is designed to suit your needs. This includes the selection of microbiological targets, processing materials, workflows and software integration.

For this reason, the partners within the DIAGORAS consortium would like to ask you to take up to 10 minutes to complete the following questionnaire, so that you can provide us with essential information regarding your own needs.

The DIAGORAS consortium would like to thank you very much
for your time and your contribution to the DIAGORAS project.

Yours sincerely,

Konstantinos Mitsakakis (for all project partners)
Project Coordinator