State-of-the-Art Techniques in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance


by John Hays in Parliament magazine, Issue 427
08 February 2016

state-of-the-art-techniques-in-the-fight-against-antibiotic-resistanceDr. John Hays, who takes part in six EU-funded projects – including the DIAGORAS project –, sums up the state-of-the-art techniques currently employed by four EU-funded projects to « generate new scientific knowledge and technological advances » for tackling the antibiotic resistance.

The article gives an overview of the main methods used for discovering new antibiotics ; for developing a novel aerosol-based antibiotic inhaler system and diagnostic probes ; for generating algorithms that will detect the causes of sepsis ; and for developing a device that will detect bacteria and viruses associated with respiratory tract infections, which is the goal of the DIAGORAS project.

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