How to participate in the World Oral Health Day 2017?

Every 20th of March, dental professionals and dental industry celebrate the World Oral Health Day (WOHD) in order to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining your mouth in good health. Last year, the FDI World Dental Federation launched 3 call-to-actions to show your support et participate in this international action as a professional or as a patient. 

1. Watch and share the latest WOHD video campaign

In 2016, the FDI focused on the importance to dedicate 2 minutes twice a day to brush your teeth with their video campaign “How NOT to brush your teeth”.

This year, they want to show how our mouth affect our everyday life and make us realize how necessary it is to have good oral health habits from an early age.

2. Download the WOHD game on your smartphone

Last year the FDI released their smartphone-game Mad Mouths, still available on iTunes app store and Google Play. The gameplay consists in brushing away all the plaque bacteria and other nasty bits without touching the toothpastes before the time runs out.

The idea of a campaign through a smartphone-game to reach the children is a brilliant idea, as they can have a concrete representation of food and plaque bacteria attacking their teeth. It may make them want to keep their mouth safe and clean by brushing their teeth. As the game is open to all publics, teenagers, adults and elderly people can share posts about Mad Mouths on social media.

Mad Mouths is an original tool to educate your children about oral health, we encourage you to invite them to play with you and have fun together !

3. Create your own WOHD poster or cover

Create and customize you own #WOHD17 poster and share it on social media or print it and display it in your workplace.

After the 20th of March, there is also another opportunity to put forward oral health on a large scale, in Europe we also have the European Oral Microbiology Workshop in May since 2005.


4. Organize an event dedicated to oral health

On the occasion of the 12th European Oral Microbiology Workshop, two members of our Consortium, Karolinska Institutet and University of Zurich, jointly organized the DIAGORAS Satellite Symposium on “Integrated diagnostics for oral infections” which will be held on the 28th of May 2017 in Lidingö (Stockholm), Sweden.

The participation is free of charge and the registration can be done via our website.

Diagoras Satellite Symposium

Integrated Diagnostics for oral infections – 28 May 2017