The End of DIAGORAS opens the doors to a more optimistic future in diagnostics

The DIAGORAS project came to an end on 31.05.2019, after 48 months of lifetime.

Project objectives were achieved spanning the entire value chain of: sample handling, nucleic acid assays, protein assays, microfluidic integration and manufacturing, readout equipment, IT analysis and reporting interface, as well as validation with reference and clinical samples. Furthermore, numerous dissemination actions promoted the project, which ended with noteworthy exploitation potentials.

In addition, new, unplanned developments were initiated, opening the way for future projects and collaborations in the fields of oral and respiratory tract infections.

All partners are greatly acknowledged for their high quality work, commitment, dedication and excellent collaborative spirit!

Main achievements

  • Development and validation of qPCR assays for 10 oral bacteria, as well as for 9 respiratory bacteria, 10 viruses and 3 indicative resistances
  • Development of ELISA assays for 6 periodontal biomarkers
  • Development of a novel immunoassay method (patented) and validation with 3 periodontal markers and CRP as inflammation marker
  • Integration of DNA/RNA and protein assays in the LabDisk centrifugal microfluidic platform for fully automated analysis
  • Microfluidic handling of whole saliva as a non-invasive diagnostic matrix
  • Development and assembly of LabDisk reader laboratory prototypes suitable for performing both, qPCR and immunoassays
  • Development of an analysis and reporting user interface for automated provision of results to dentists and General Practitioners after the analysis is completed
  • Validation of the benchtop and the integrated assays with reference respiratory as well as clinical whole saliva samples, and comparison with reference methods
  • Dissemination of project results in the form of participation in exhibitions and conferences (oral and poster presentations), organization of workshops and webinars, publications in peer reviewed journals, videos, interviews, press releases, flyers
  • Exploitation of project results by means of patenting, commercialization of components (such as microfluidic beads, ELISA kits)