Adressed to general practitioners, this video explains how the DIAGORAS project aims to fight antibiotic resistance.

This video is adressed to dentists with the same purpose, showing what the DIAGORAS device can do to help the dentistry practitioners in their job.

Watch the webinar about the advantages and disadvantages of Point-Of-Care testing devices.

Communication materials

Download our flyer and our poster for a great overwiew of the project, that aims to develop a microbiologicaal diagnostic platform for use in general practitioner offices, dentist practices and hospital emergency rooms.
The materials are available English.



Press releases

We have been communicating about Diagoras project and its breakthroughs in the different local media of the partners’ countries. You can find our press releases here, either in English or in their original language.

  • press-release-nov-2016-en

    November 2016

  • press-release-nov-2016-fr

    Novembre 2016

  • press-release-nov-2017-fr

    November 2017