The consortium is trans-trandisciplinary and possesses the broad expertise in:

  • Microfluidics
  • Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Microsystems Engineering
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Biomimetic Hydrogel Synthesis
  • GMP Production of Cellular Therapeutics
  • Advanced Light Microscopy, High-throughput Screening, High-content Imaging
  • Application of Biochemical Assays

Several consortium partners have already cooperated with each other and have long-standing common interests.

  • Number 1Microsystems engineering,

  • hahn-schickard
  • Number 2Biomedical and biomolecular health solutions,
    Resource exploitation
    and management

  • austrian-institute-of-technology
  • Number 3Teaching, research activities and patient treatment in dental disciplines,
    Clinical studies

  • university-of-zurich
  • Number 3Oral Microbiology and Immunology,
    Detection assays for oral bacteria

  • university-of-zurich
  • Number 4Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health research

  • erasmusmc
  • Number 5Mechanical and optical design,
    Electronics and software design,
    Biological applications
    System engineering

  • askion
  • Number 6Customized magnetic beads development and commercialization,
    Proteins’ isolation protocols development

  • magnamedics
  • Number 7Data analysis,
    Software development,
    Consultancy services in the the clinical and diagnositcs field

  • cliniageno
  • Number 8Immunodiagnostic kits development and marketing,
    Monoclonal, polyclonal antibodies production

  • biovendor
  • Number 9Science communication
    Communication strategy and planning,
    Dissemination activites

    The consortium gratefully acknowledges Sparks & Co for their professional cooperation during the first three years of the project and wishes to their personnel all the best for their new career opportunities.

    Dissemination activities from month 36 till end of the project are taken over by the Coordinator, Hahn-Schickard

  • sparks&co
  • Number 10Teaching, research activities and patient treatment in dental disciplines

  • karolinska-institutet